Najmah grew up with her mum all her life. She didn't know that the man she was growing up with wasn't her dad. Suddenly her real dad appears and she has no option but to follow him. Unknown to her, her marriage was being finalized with a prince, a heart broken prince who dislikes Najmah and maltreats her after marriage. But will love triumph over his hatred for her, find out by adding to your libary.
Maryam is a beautiful girl, who is married off to Aaryan, a rude man who promises to make Maryam ask for a divorce. but will love trump over his undying ego and Arrogance?
Virgin Playboy: Troy
Yes he is a playboy.A Virgin Playboy.She never touched a girl's body; but he can wreck her heart like it's the most funniest game he shall do.A playboy who literally makes every girl fell in love but won't take them seriously.He's everyone's dream. That's for sure.But he doesn't care about "love", for him it's a piece of trash.Not unless he meets this young Playgirl who changed his perspective. Who make his world turned upside down. Yesha is the most loveliest girl he met.But what happened if that girl left?Will the "playboy" learned his lesson, or drown himself on sadness and f*ck every girl he mets?
where oliver finely is a struggling music artist and samuel adler is a cocky, successful and a sexually frustrated producer
Through the Screen
abeltross: i'll be coming home late todaynoahless: again?snap delivered
You Are Mine
Read about Arham and Mahira. Arham is a politician whose only aim in life is to become CM and to reach his aim he has to marry Mahira.