Virgin Playboy: Troy
Yes he is a playboy.A Virgin Playboy.She never touched a girl's body; but he can wreck her heart like it's the most funniest game he shall do.A playboy who literally makes every girl fell in love but won't take them seriously.He's everyone's dream. That's for sure.But he doesn't care about "love", for him it's a piece of trash.Not unless he meets this young Playgirl who changed his perspective. Who make his world turned upside down. Yesha is the most loveliest girl he met.But what happened if that girl left?Will the "playboy" learned his lesson, or drown himself on sadness and f*ck every girl he mets?
Chapter 1
Virgin Playboy: Troy
Where everything begins. "It's hot !" I complained while walking straight to the church wearing these thick outfit I used to wear everytime I am participating at this event and I am always the "Reyna Elena" or the Queen at this Fiesta. It's already dark, but I can still feel the hotness. Damn it. Both on my sides are the two men who are carrying the bamboo stand. And the plaque card on the top: written 'Reyna Elena' like seriously? It happened year by year! I didn't say I am against of my Mother's beliefs, well, she doesn't even know how naughty I am. That explains it. I'm staring on my way, and I can't even smile. These freakin' event makes me devastated and exhausted. Danica and Zia waves their hands, they are my friends, though I know they were teasing me because of what I am wearing. I feel more frustrated. I should wear fit dress and dance with hot boys, than be here and walk like I am a saint. "Excuse me?" I asked the guy on my left, I saw how he turned red quickly, because I noticed him. "We'll go to the church right?" I asked. He smiled awkwardly. I rolled my eyes, because I can see how overwhelmed he is. Okay, what the fuck man, I just asked? I didn't mind him though, I just stare on my way. I am busy walking, following few of these girls wearing almost the same of my outfit. I should get used to this drama, but why can't I? After that long procession, we reached our destination. I keep standing just nearby this big door, while busy staring at this guy, who also glued his eyes on me. In his maroon vneck shirt. Maong pants. Ballcap! You'll find him hot. My eyes travels around his body, exploring it from a far. And even though he's wearing t-shirt, I can see how bulky his body is. He's tall, handsome, his narrow nose, thick eyelashes , thick eyebrows make him so damn hot , and with his lips. It's thin and red. Like someone gave it a suck! "Gosh!" I whispered to myself while walking towards him . His intense stare stays! And when I got nearer, I felt so small. Our height screams differences... He's effortless handsome! "Ain't we going Yesha?" a guy asked, ruining my fantasies. I glared at him! You want to get in! Go! Fuck. I can see how he felt my irritation, he looked on his feet. Such an... idiot. "Troy! Ain't we leaving?" other guy from his left asked, he stare at me after a few while and scanned the plague card. I can also see how his eyes lingers on my sash. "Reyna Elena," the guy murmured, maybe Troy's friend, and I'm still looking at him. I can't even get a hold of myself, I want to stare at him, my eyes likes it so much. I swallowed hard, because how instense his stares are. "Lets go dude," his friend trying to remind him again, . They're almost has a same height and a body built. But I am more attracted to Troy. Yes. "Okay then..." he then said. I can feel the coldness within me right after hearing his voice. Cool huh. He didn't waste time, he left already while my eyes are still glued on him. After few minutes I saw my Mom, she approached me and hugged me quickly. The heat didn't left my system, it's getting more hotter,. Im so fucking turned on because of that Troy. He's so.... damn hot! "Lets get goin!" Danica yelled, hurting my ears. She's all ready, while I am busy fixing my hair. "So how did that man look like?" Zia asked while putting lip tint on her lips. I just shrugged. If I'll tell them about his looks, and in our age, having a crush on our friends ain't prohibited, though I hate that idea, so I won't tell them. 15 Years old! And yeah, it happens. "Let's just go watch boys, Swimming competition! And for sure, we'll see something lewd!" I laughed with my friend Danica. My blood awakes! "Lets go!" I told them while running down the pool area. I wander around to checked the participants, and I think those boys were around 20s! And Danica's right! Grrr! Its kinda revealing! "Fuck!" I cussed and laughed. While enjoying the ambiance and the bodies of these men, I saw Danica pointed on a guy. "Big and looks hard," I just shake my head on her comment. I agreed though. I giggled when Zia pointed on another guy too. He's handsome, though Zia doesn't like a man who have small "size," it's a big turned off. It's really funny when we are doing such things, boy hunting and fantasies. Fiesta is approaching here at Castilla. There's a lot of event that will be held here at our town, swimming competition, dancing, pageant and many more. I kept on laughing with my friends while walking out of the venue. "We'll go to the rest room! " Danica and Zia told me, they still giggling because they gain new crushes at the pool area. "He's really handsome, I'm talking about that " big and hard" ." she emphasizes the word big and hard, and obviously talking about the guy on the competition. I just shook my head and let them leave me. I wander my eyes around, I just realized how beautiful this place is, I didn't notice it's beauty a while ago because I'm busy having fun with my friends, but right now that I am walking alone here, I can appreciate it. I heard sounds of a water falls! Oh yes, this venue is just nearby the falls! I ran to where the falls is, and got amazed by its beauty. Gosh! I just wanted to stripped and let the water embrace me. This is my first time seeing such a wonderful place like this! I never knew Castilla have a hidden beauty like this. "Its refreshing," that voice! My eyes travel around this place. It cant be? He's here? I ducked and hide at the tree just nearby me, I heard his voice once more and last is the sounds of the water's reaction because of his dive. I keep my eyes on him while my body is hiding. Looking like a stalker Yesha huh? I swallowed hard when I saw him stood up. He's wearing a boxer and I can't believe what I just saw. This is illegal! My eyes are glued on him when I heard a creepy sounds behind me, I got goosebumps and jumped out of scared, and I never realized that Troy saw me. "Are you stalking me?" when his thick eyebrows met each other, I just lost my sanity. My bad eyes travels around his body, I felt my cheek heated because of his appeal. God damn it! "No! Why would I?" my brows raised right after that, I can't even imagine myself being in this situation. Uh-huh, though that's the fact. I am not here for him. "Leave," he said coldly not minding all my excuses. I just saw him take another dive and my heart hammered in joy. I found him attractive, though rude. .. "Troy Lawrence Marquez," Danica said while looking at her screen. "The number one playboy in their campus. Oh he is a playboy huh?" Danica said while staring at me, like her brown eyes are reading my mind. "I am a playgirl too." I smirked. Well, that's the fact though. I get the rhum and took one shot. 15 years old have a right to drink hard liquors. Right? "Though, he's a virgin," Zia laughed right after that. "He's really interesting, playboy but virgin?" The liquor is ruling upon me, though because I am attractive I'll take the risk. I didn't know what will happen after this, but I'll make sure I'll be his first. It's risky. But I'll try For... him. Am I insane? "Oh my god Yesh, you serious about this? You told us he's a bit cold, why still pursue him and one thing.." she laughed, and her rossy cheeks reduced. I can see how liquor eats her too. I can sense that she can't still believe what I have said. "You'll get sore after you have sex with him. And one more thing, virginity is important. Your " down there " is important," Zia said while laughing at me. "I like him, though," I said and smirk again. "Really. Then... get him! If you can," Zia said while looking at her wine glass. "I'll get him, no matter what. Even if he refused, I'll still get him, at all cost." now, the alcohol is speaking. Fuck!
Chapter 2
Virgin Playboy: Troy
Chapter 1 SECRET "Spill!" I smiled at her. She take each steps backwards, that aroused my excitement, she's really so scared. Well, who wouldn't be? "Yesh.. a!" the way she pronounced my name, it sents joy upon me. I put my index finger to her forehead and push her head using it, she feared me, that makes her walks backwards again. "Leave," I commanded that makes her jumped a bit, and quickly run out of my sight. We're inside our classroom, teacher still not yet here, that's why I am doing the usual; bullying. And in the first place she is the one who spread rumors about me. How dare she! I am just giving back the favor. "Acting like a brat again." Zia told me while clapping her hands, she smirked at me and I rolled my eyes as a response. "Of course not, she's spreading rumors about me, I couldn't take it Zia. Well, I am naughty, I kissed boys, so what? But im still pure, you know that," I protruded my mouth. She giggled after what I told her, her curly hair suits her small face, she's beautiful, she has porcelain skin and an hourglass body, chinky eyes and thin lips. Her features are soft, unlike me. I may pass on the most "rude" face. Everytime I relaxed my face; I look like I am about to cursed someone I'm staring at for the rest of his life. "I thought you'll seduce Troy?" Zia asked while looking at me; examining me. My brows raised, who dumbass girl will do that? Maybe last night I told her that; but I am sure it was the alcohol who's speaking; I won't do something I'll regret for the rest of my life. And I won't give my virginity to a guy I just met. No way. "Tss. You're weird. Did you loose on the dare?" she's mocking me with those laughs, I rolled my eyes, she really want me to dk this. Senseless ideas. "How about you Zia, you can do that eh?" I ask her, I just wanna know. She's being so forceful. I am not just a kid who'll agree on something petty. "I already did," she shrugged, like she's so proud of what she just did. I quickly swifted take two steps to get nearer on her; my palm met her cheeks, the sound of my slaps makes our classmates stare at us. Like they were watching a movie on its climax. Is she kidding me? If that's a joke, well that's not funny! "Zia!" I yelled. She shut her mouth, remained silent. "So do it! I'm your bestfriend right. Explore too!" I saw tears escaped from her eyes, she quickly wiped it using the back of her hands. I wrinkled my forehead, if it's still a game for her, for me it's not! She's loosing her sanity! "This isn't a game Zia. No way," I told her and leave her there dumbfounded. I can't just give "this" to someone for the sake of a game. No way! I'd rather die a virgin! "You okay?" Danica asked me, she's been worried for an hour after learning what just happened. She's quite late so she didn't saw the actual scene. I peek on Zia sitting at another bench with few of our classmates. "You two argued?" Dani asked innocently. She doesn't have a clue about the scenario a while ago. I just grin a bit. "I'll skip class," she nodded, I know she won't force me to stay, or won't force herself to be with me, because she knew I don't need talk; sometimes I needed to be alone. I just walked alone, carrying the weigh on my chest because of what just happened. I leave Castilla High School; still didn't know where to go. I took a deep breath, before calling a trike or a cab. I'll just visit the falls. The sound of it makes me feel relieved, I sighed after realizing I slapped my friend in front of our classmates. I am guilty. I know she's at fault, she gave her virginity to someone. But I didn't acknowledge her reasons, I didn't ask her. "Castilla Falls ," I told the Driver where my destination is. He starts the engine, we're on our way to the falls, we took few minutes because of bunch of rocks on the road; seems like it's been renovating. I didn't remember how I get on that place, it's easier to took a walk on that way. We reached the entrance after few minutes, I gave him the money for my fare. I walked alone to reachef the falls. After hearing the sound of the water kissing the bottom and the big rock; it excite the hell out of me. "Ah! Tiring" I said to myself while wiping my own sweat. I unbutton my blouse, readying to take a dive. If there's something who's good at seducing me. It's nothing; but this false. I removed my skirt as well, before diving. My bra and panties, remained. Hugging my private parts. I jumped on the water and let the cold temperature of it hugged my whole being; the water calms me, i felt relief. I remembered how Zia reacts a while ago, she's forcing me to do such thing. Maybe because she wants me to try it too, but how can I? I can't do that. That's ridiculous. "You're swimming, naked..." that voice again. I raised my head and see him looking down on me, he's standing proudly at the rock staring at me, like what I saw yesterday, his serious expression stays. If I could just avail his smile; I'll give all my cards for it. "I'm on my bra and panties," I smiled devilishly. "Are you seducing me?" he then ask as if it's nothing. The side of his lips rose a bit, will he smile? I smiled widely, expecting for something that will complete my day. "Are you seduce then?" I lauged after asking him, the excitement never leaves me. I get out of the water quickly and sat on the rock, while he is busy staring at me. He continued scanning me from head to toe, I can feel his desires. Playboy though virgin! "No. Not at all," he grinned, that makes my world stopped. He took a deep breath before diving; I didn't even noticed how he get to the water that quickly. I got flustered of his grin, It was near from smirk and an amuse grin, shit, he look so damn handsome when he smile! That's a quick swim, he go near on me, enjoying the water beneath the rock I am sitting. I suddenly feel conscious of what I am wearing. Aired blew my hair and that makes me embraced myself. I saw him smiled. That smile again! I'm near on being a fool! I can feel the butterflies on my tummy! Shit! "Come over here, the water is warmer than the breeze of the air," he suggested, am I going to obey him? After asking myself, I still jumped on the water, he remained on my side, and that makes my heart race because of unknown feelings. He hold my shoulder, that makes me jump a bit, maybe he didn't noticed my reaction or even he does he just ignored it. "Yesha," GOD! He knew my name? "Why are... you here?" he asked and that makes my brows met. He mean, what? "Why Troy? I am not allowed to go here?" "Its already dark you need to leave," he clench his jaw, after saying those words. Obviously, he doesn't want me here. You don't need to command! I wanted to scream on his ears, though I cant. I feel the gap between us, he's very mysterious and secretive. He's hiding something, and I want to find out what it is. Whether it's good or not. I'll still find out. I get off the water and started to wear my uniform, although chill kept on travelling around my body. My thin uniform can do something about it. But, I can endure it... really. It's suddenly changed my mood when he asked about it, seems like he is waiting for someone. And that pull my mood off. "You'll walk on there?" he asked, I am planning to walk here, it's a bit dangerous though I don't have any choice. I stare at him after that. "Here, ain't that obvious?" then smirked. I saw how his left brows rose, like he's so amused of what he jusy heard. Seems like he find it entertaining. He tilted his head and a smile escaped from his mouth. I can see how he stopped himself from grinning but he can't just pull that off. "Uh-huh you get by here, by walking on there?" he asked, he's still so amused. "No!" I denied, he laughed. "If you walked on the street, why we ain't met?" he smirked again. Damn it! What's the matter? He's making me feel I am stupid. "I-i go here first!!" shit, I stuttered! "You came here first? I doubt it," he hoarse a laugh. He is insulting me. Goddamn it! I just leave him and still walk on that route, leaving him laughing there. "Hey Yesh!" and he grabbed my wrist, without my consent he dragged me on a street. It's way safer than the usual route I took. "Dont thank me after. These is honestly the real route a tourist should walk in." he said and let go off me. The way his hand touch mine, I feel how my body heated. My body's reaction everytime he's near is really unbelievable. He then walked far from me, I smiled and walk near him, even if I'm here at his left side, seeing his side profile. I can still feel the distance. He's so out of reach. I won't get tired looking at his face, he continue walking silently, like he doesn't care about my glances. I took each step while glancing at him second by second. "Next time, I'll just walk on this route." I told him, he still didn't care. "Why are you here, are you living nearby?" I asked. "I am a tourist," Tourist huh? Why it seems like he knew every corner of Castilla? "Really, why do you know these place?" I asked. He didn't answer me. I guess he really won't. It took few minutes and he left my question hanging. I just continue glancing on him while we are walking, his think brows, confident narrow nose and his deep eyes, makes him look good. In any fucking angle. He's so effortlessly handsome. "I'll get going," he said cutting out little fairytales. He called a cab, and leave without even asking me to get in. I found him mysterious. But he's really so handsome, his appearance is so perfect. He attracts the hell out of me. "That's what you get!" Dani reaction is priceless, I told her what happened yesterday and it found it funny. She won't stop teasing me today, that's for sure. What I get? I'm okay on our small chitchat, our encounter completes my whole week. Atleast he smiled, and we talk. Maybe I should go to the falls again. "I found him mysterious. He told me he's just a tourist, but seems like he knew every corner if this place. You know what? I grew up here, I was born here but I didn't know such route and places, but him, a tourist knew that?" Curiosity never left me. She just laughed. "Maybe that place reminds him of someone that's why he's always there," she then grinned, I just shook my head, I'm not going to agree, though deep inside me. I am thinking it's like that. "I know there's something, in it. I know." I said emphasizing the curiosity on it. I just shrugged and while letting my mind over think. Zia passed by, she's preoccupied again like yesterday, she sat down on the sit assigned to her. She's not even looking on us, not even trying to interact with her seatmate. "I think, there's something wrong. Let's just annoy her?" Dani told me. I just nodded, so we go near her I sit beside her, and Dani's sitting in front of us. "You're on your period? You look so bothered." Danica trying to lighten the mood, and pinched her cheeks. Zia removed Dani's finger on her and look away again. "Hey! Alicia Lamadrid! What the hell is happening?" I asked, the fear on my voice is coated on my words. She's acting strange, and it's creeping the hell out of me. "I'm not on the mood Dani and Yesha. Please." she said. But her tone is really shouting for help, like she wants us to hug her and listen to her rants. She's always good to me, so right now I'll be with her. I grabbed her hands I been too harsh at her all the time. YESTERDAY, I've been so impulsive, I never asked her, I hurted her. I'll keep it up right now. I'll be her friend now. "What is it Zia?" I asked. "Ayesha Joyce Dela Torre," she even called me in my whole name. She's strangely weak right now. I look at her, seriously. "I dont want to talk about it. If you're asking me, why I act like this. Why dont you ask your crush... then," she left me dumbfounded, I wrinkled my forehead, I look at Dani she's already staring. "Crush? Troy?" Dani asked; like me she's also clueless. I honestly doesn't know what's wrong about Troy? And why Zia will bring Troy on here? I am more bother now. "Maybe she's just on her period, that's why she's like that." Dani trying to lighten up the atmosphere, we leave Zia's spot and go back on our seat, I'm so bothered. The bell rang, sign that our teacher will be here soon. I stare at Zia's seat, I know she won't come back. She's going to cut a class. "Goodmorning class A!" our Teacher is here, we greeted her as well. "You have a new classmate. Come hijo and introduce yourself." our Teacher announced, the guy walked in and that makes my heart beats so fast. "Handsome," two of my classmate said, sitting in front of me. "Introduce yourself," our strict Teacher is now smiling ear to ear. "Im Troy Lawrence Marquez. 16," he said seriously, smiling a little. When our eyes met, I saw how the side if his lips, rose. Is it true? He's my classmate! Troy!? "Have a seat." Teacher said, Troy nodded and walk towards the back row, I just heard how the other guys talk with him. He found new friends! Quickly! "Troy," Dani smirked and pointed on the tall guy at the soccer field with his new friends. Few girls at his side are giggling, though he's not minding them, I find it annoying. I rolled my eyes and continue walks. "It's Zia," Danica said and pointed to our friend sitting on the corner and looking at Troy. Her eyes are glued on him. I just follow Dani walking fast to reach Zia, she waves her hands in front of Zia's face, but she just snap it out. "A while ago you're not in a mood, and right now you're stalking Yesha's crush?" "Im not stalking him! Okay!" she even raised her tone. I cant take her coldness that's why I pulled her arms. "What is it Zia!" I am forcing her to spill all her shit so I could help. We won't fix this if she continue swiping it away. "You! Make him fall!" I frowned after what she just told me. "I doesn't like the idea that I am here, living sadly. While my best friend is giggling on the side! Im your bestfriend right! Make him fall! Make-love with him!" Its really confusing, I don't get her. I raised my hand and out of frustration I slapped her. Its my hobby to hit someone when im frustrated but this time I know how mad I am. She's a pain on the neck. "If you're not a virgin anymore. Deal with it. Don't dragged me on your stupidity!" I yelled at her. She cried in front of me, I saw how devastated she is. But i am firmly standing here. Dani's on Zia's back, tapping her. I saw how she can't decide where to focus. "If you dont want... then i'll do it!" "Hey Alicia! What are you up to?!" it's Dani sounding irritated and annoyed too. "He... him who hurt my bestfriend..." Zia said in tiny voice. "Who?" I asked. Zia shake her head, not planning to tell us who's the "best friend", she just laughed. Weird. What's on her? "You dont really know a thing.. Yesha" And for the second time around. She left us. "Is she serious? She wants you to make love with Troy? Is it a dare again?" from annoyed Danica, she's now sounding amused. She's so impossible. Zia want me to do this. Why? What's her reason then? Yeah! I found Troy so damn hot, but that doesn't mean I'll seduce him. That's not even worth a single effort. I mean, I have a crush on Troy, but I won't spread my legs just because Zia told me to do so. "You should atleast, do what Zia wants. That seducing thingy, is way interesting," Dani said while looking at Troy, she crossed her arms and stare at the guy on the field. "Why?" I asked Dani while looking at Troy busily playong, he hoarse a laugh after one goal. "You know. So Zia would be satisfied, just do what she wants, you'll just seduce Troy, and test his patience. One more thing, you'll just seduce and find his kinks. And after that leave," "Boys are easy to seduce." I said confidently, of course I know boys so well and who the fuck wont fall at me? I am the prettiest lady here, aside from my two bestfriend. "Then, try him," Dani's so excited about these huh? I just rolled my eyes. "Let's see then." finally she convinced me. And, this is my game after all. So Zia won't stop nagging, I'll just make Troy, fell. I played this game for almost a year now, and I am sure I'm so good at it. But in this case, i'll make him fall, because I like him, he's sexy, he's unpredictable, he's effortless handsome, he's.... my type! I'll use this art for myself. This is the first time, I felt this kind of attraction towards a man. "What now? Are you convinced?" Danica teased me, I just smirked. "Why dont, I'll try then," I smirked and that makes Danica giggled. I stare at him, he's now busy wiping his sweat on his neck, I am completely insane, my tongue plays on my lips, I licked it while staring at him. "Hotness overload," I said while staring at him, he glanced at me and I wink. Handsome. "Play the rope well Yesha. And catch the lion." she then laugh. I did that too. I will catch him, get him, earn him, for myself. Okay? Its Zia's idea, though I am doing this too for myself. It's our eyes who fell in love first. I am sure of that. We are dismissed, I glanced at Dani and she just winked. I know what she's thinking though. Zia won't see my first move; cause she cut class. Well. "Go ahead pretty." Dani cheered me. I just combed my hait using my finger and put a tint before running on the door, and stopped Troy from walking, he's with his new friends. "Yes Yesha?" It's Andrei.. "I'm not talking to you," and I stare at him for a seconds. He's quite lucky, I gave him a two-seconds stare. "I'm here for you Marquez." I smiled while looking at Troy, his height stating a lot of differences. He didn't bother to react. "I dont have time for this Yesha." Troy said, and that makes his friends laughed. I feel so humiliated. "I have time for this." I smirked, I won't lose, Marquez. I take one step and grabbed his necktie, I tiptoe and stare at his lips. "I'll get you... for sure. Virgin." and my playful smile flashes.
Chapter 3
Virgin Playboy: Troy
"Wow!" Danica said while pulling her skirt up, I managed to smile, but the scene a while ago hunts me. He cant reject me. No way! "You can do it," she said, I didn't know if she's teasing me or what. I honestly didn't expect that. "Ofcourse," I smirked. I already have a plan later, maybe it'll work. At first I am hesitant about it, but after his rejection. I find it really fun. I know this would come out, senseless. But i will really get him. "I will tell Zia. Right away," she's so excited at that thought. I just shake my head. She don't have to tell Zia. "No use," I said, while letting my fingers on my hair, it's natural curly. And that suits my face. "If you say so," Dani said while shrugging. I breathe deeply while looking at the students on the soccer field. I saw his friends but I couldn't find him. The way he said "no" to me, it's honestly the first time someone makes me feel unwanted. I wanted to ask his friends where is Troy, though I don't want to look more aggressive. That will ruined my image. "Hi Yesh," Andrei greeted, he is with his friends and the few of it is from another section. I rolled my eyes, and passed, but my arms never escaped on his hold. "Waiting for Troy? He doesn't like you, playgirl." he is obviously insulting me. I raised my brows and look at him. "Who told you he needs to like me back?" I smirked, it's playful and that makes him shook his head. "The only thing he needs to do... is to make me turn on..." I said, looking at him like he's a dirt. He is now in his serious expression. I heard his friends laugh. I look at his hands on my arms, and that makes him let go off me, his intense look remains, I just leave them before I make a scene. I need to find... him. Atleast to give him my reward. My first move. I walked around the campus, but I still couldn't find him. I look so damn pathetic here! "Ain't you going home Yesha? " I jumped a bit because she surprises the hell out of me. It's our teacher, I just shrugged. Maybe I should ask her. "Did you somehow, saw Troy Marquez?" She shrugged and tell me she didn't know, after looking in front I saw Troy going out from the locker room. He looks tired, but still so handsome "Ah, Ma'am I need to go," I smiled widely, and leave her there. I waved at him but he ignores it. Seems like he's now playing "cool" huh. I walked beside him like, and like what happened on the falls, he's not giving me once glance. Though, it seems like he already knew I'll be here. "Why you keep on following me?" he now asked after few minutes of silence. I look at him.. "I wont stop until you say. Yes." I said in my naughty tone. I wrapped my arms around his neck, but he just throw it away. Tss. Rude "Troy!-" "Stop it Ayesha it's not funny anymore!" he said with his baritone, it sent chill within me, he stare at me blankly and quickly walk down the stairs. I followed him. "Troy!" I called his name, I wander around and I didn't see anything or anyone. How could he leave me like that? I swallowed hard, trying to calm myself. It's still dark but I couldn't see any light. Why the street lights still off? My heart hammered. I hate darkness thats it. I couldn't move, I can't even walk. Fuck! Where's the light! "Security Guard! Turn on the lights!" I shouted. I am about to cry, I really am afraid of darkness. I try to find my phone but I couldn't find it, maybe I left it on the powder room. Fuck! My phone. My eyes watered, I am so afraid. I feared darkness even the thought that there's maybe something or someone behind the dark. I felt a warm hand on my wrist, I quickly turn my back and the first thing I saw is Troy's face. "You seem so scared. Your bravery is nothing in darkness, huh? " he sound so amused. I am shut, I couldn't speak. He started to walk, still holding my hands. We reached the waiting shed, and I can see lights. "Should I call a cab?" he asked. I didn't look at him. "Hey playgirl. Stop making an eye contact with me. You cant seduce me." he said. So full of himself! Who told him, I am seducing him right now? "I cant go home." I simply said so that he'd bring me home. I know it's too much to asked; but that's the least he can do for me. Its even getting darker, I couldn't see any trike who passed by, maybe because it's already late. And then there's also me thinking about my phone. My Mom probably called, but maybe she's still not home yet. "I left my phone at the restroom." I sadi looking at him, he stare at me and nodded "I'll get it." He planned to leave, but I grabbed his arms. "Can I go with you?" I am asking him like I'm a kid, afraid to be left, he smiled for the first time in the history! My heart beats so fast, he smiled at me. Genuinely! It's so priceless! "Okay," he agreed, we walked back to our campus, and I walked with him. I feel safe now. The darkness means nothing, cause he's with me. We reached the washroom, and there I saw my phone. The moment I get a hold of it, Dani's currently calling. I answered it of course. "How was it?" she asked. Maybe trying to get some update? "Who are you?" I asked, one hundred percent for acting, Ayesha. Im sorry my bestfriend! I can't tell him, it's you who's on the line, it'll ruin my plan. He'd bring me home! "You're not funny Yesha! Are you home-" "Fuck you more!" I cussed and dropped the call, I put my phone on the pocket, and I feel bad for Danica. I should text her later. I can feel Troy's stare, seems like he's reading me. "Who called?"he asked. "Unknown," I lied of course, he just nodded. My fear on darkness have a use, somehow. I wished he'd bring me home. "Go, call your mum," he commanded. I shook my head.. "N-no," I try to act stupid. I know my acting skills will buy time, my tears were about to drop, when a car stopped right in front of us. Fuck car! "Troy!" a guy called him, he's sitting on the fromt seat, looking cool. "Chic! Who's she?" the guy asked while looking at me from head to toe, upon checking his eyes. I can clearly see that he's a playboy too. Just like Troy, the only difference is Troy is still a virgin, no touch. Grr! "Leave, I'll bring her home," Troy said to the four guy riding a red sports car. "You know dude. We can take her home," the guy who scanned me, said. "Grae! Fuck!" Troy cursed his friend. He's so cute. "Just leave," Troy said and that makes his friends shrugged in disappointment and leave. "They're minor. They can drive?" I asked while looking at the sportscar who's now slowly fading, he just shrugged, well richkids can make fake license. "Can I take you home?" he asked. Finally! I nodded because of excitement. He's just looking at me with those rude expression, like he is telling me I should pleased him, cause he is the boss here. He breathe deeply and just exhaled it. "Okay then.." I am about to protest when he suddenly dragged my bodt near him, he smelled my neck that quickly sents shiver down my spine. Fuck!? I cant seduce him... but he can make me turned on. This damn fast! "You smell good," he said using his cold voice, I felt my heart's screaming. This is bad! "Oh please, distance. Virgin!" he laughed and let go of my hand. I stood straight, acting like it doesn't gave me chill. Fuck this! But I can't stop myself from staring, I look at his lips, it's red, the way he licked it. It's like he is calling me to suck his lips, nonstop! Fuck this! "Why, ain't you like this?" I can taste the sarcasm on his voice. I felt a small pin on my chrest, I feel so insulted, the way he said those words, using sarcasm. "Can I freakin' kiss you. Now." He said out if nowhere. I should protest, but he grabbed my face, he kissed my lips, lick the lower and suck it. My heart is now hammering in pain. I can feel how intense that kiss was. I pushed him. "You're biting my lips!" that's the only thing I can say. His eyes turned darker, I couldn't see what's inside of it, or what he is thinking. "I can eat you, whenever i want, wherever i want." I said grinning, I shouldn't get distracted. I am the one who'd play my game. Not him! "You cant. You cant earn me. Im not into seducing Yesha. I'm not into playgirls! " he said, making my knees melt. I can taste the bitterness on his voice, so he really doesn't like the idea of me, seducing him huh? I should grabbed my name out of a mud. I am not Yesha Dela Torre, if I could make this virgin, turned on. "I can seduce you. A'right," i said full of confidence. On the other side — I wished I really can. "Lets see then..." he said, staring at me. Inches away from my lips. "Library," I smirked at my friend, I am meeting someone at the library. Danica told me I should get over it, since it's already happened one year ago. Yes! Troy keep on rejecting me. That one year really makes me feel insulted. Imagine, I got lose in the game I mastered, Her lips protruded, she is not convinced about that dare anymore. But I couldn't help it, I still wanted to try. And I know Danica's just worried but she can't do anything about it. TROY always pushed me away, on the passed year he kept on rejecting me. Pushing me away. But that won't work for me. I really won't give up. "Back off!" one day when I am busy annoying him, but knowing me. As Ayesha dela Torre, I still didn't listened. I sat beside him. He's texting somebody. "Why are you still here! Leave!" thats how he reacted, one day when I visited him at their house. The maid are quite sad the way their master threw me away. I just leave though, wearing the sadness on my smile. HE KEPT ON REJECTING ME. BUT I AM STILL HERE. WANTING HIM. I am about to enter the library when someone pulls me, he dragged me inside of an unused room. "Why?" he asked me because I asked him to go here and meet me. Yes Troy, who kept on pushing me away. I asked him to be with me, and forced him to date me. Yes, I know how desperate I am! My mother taught me how to be decent and how to act with class, but at these moment I am lost out of control, I already forget my mother's words. "B-because," "What makes a playgirl stuttered?" he then smirked. I look at him seriously, he really got amused everytime I am acting weird in front of him. How I pity myself for liking this guy. "The night we first kissed-" "That isn't your first kiss, Lady. Why bother?" "I.. I" "Spill. Playgirl" "Troy look..." He laughed because I am caught off, I couldn't find the right words. Its been one year since the kiss he gave. We're already grade eleven and I still couldn't figure it out, why I am stuck to that scenario. "Its been 1 year and 7 months Playgirl. You can't moved on from what happened? It is because, you got seduced first.... when it should be me?" I swallowed hard because of what he told me. Alright, you won! You won Troy! Okay? "Shut it Troy!" I look so frustrated here. That's my game I started, and I lost. He kissed me, i should move on. Okay! I should do that. BUT I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START. I should jump to another boys. Like what I usually do. But why am I still into him? The last thing he said is, I can't seduce him, the way he seduce me. I'm kind of... hurt! That's impossible, who wouldn't like me? But when he refused, I felt the bitterness on me. He stepped on my ego, I can't imagine how he threw me so easily. He should beg.... me! "What do you want? Why dragged me here?" I still on my bitch side, I don't know why am I still acting brave in front of him. When I know I am not. When will he see my beauty, or even feel how his body heated everytime I'm near; or just arousal. He isn't saint. Why he's like these? Why he kept on pushing me away? "Yesha," "Troy! I'm not yet... tired. I'll win you!" He then stare, the usual stare. "I'm leaving this school. Are you going to follow me?" I suddenly felt the coldness ran on my veins. He's leaving, is he planning to go... where? "W-where are you going?" i let the question escaped my mouth; after all I am still curious. "Somewhere far." he didn't smile and face me, after. "Far... from you," he spat, seriously. I didn't expect that, it hurts my heart, I can feel how my heart reacted on it. I never thought, I'll feel this way. I look at him; asking questions. But I didn't get anything, even sympathy. He's really serious, and that makes my knees melt. I can feel the sudden changes of my expression, and so his facial expressions. His dark expressive eyes bore into me. The way it reads my whole being, I felt startled... I'm trying to ask... my voice lowered "When?" I can feel the bitterness on my throat. I'm not done yet Marquez! You can't leave me behind! You can't leave me like that! I'm still not done. "I'm leaving," he repeated, not minding my question. The way I look at him, it shows mourn and sadness. "We're still not done! I'm not done yet, i'll win you." even if he's so serious about it, I am still here, forcing myself to act so damned confident. He then shook his head. "Why are you so desperate , is giving you my attention, can give you money?" I am insulted! He's so good at it; but my body is reacting on his words. I know my eyes watered, I can feel that; I look at the floor, but can't continue being weak, so I stare back at his chest, yes, I can't handle looking at his eyes. "I don't like the idea of you liking someone. I want your first home run with me, I want my first too, with you." I don't know where my reasons came from— but I know these were the words I needed to tell him. He find it amusing so he hoarsed a laugh. But I can see the shock on his eyes. "You kissed me. You don't need to kiss anyone else! I own your lips Virgin!" i yelled. He stopped laughing and glare at me intensely, he then brushed his lips against mine. The way he owns my lips; I can barely feel how he's stopping himself, but how he wanted to do it too. My lips are swollen because of his sudden kiss. I response to his kisses, I close my eyes. It feels... good. "Troy," I'm almost moaning, because of his kisses. He is so fucking good with this! "This is how you kiss." he said, educating me huh? He slowly pull himself away from me. I felt the intensity; he take one step and that makes me walk backwards, 'til I reached the wall. He get me drunk of his kisses and now I am off guard. Maybe that's still a simple kiss for him, and that's making my body scream for more. "Is there any students here?" it's the utility knocking on the door. No one response from us. "The school gate will be closed soon, " he said, seems like he already knew that there's a students here, but we refused to response. "Let me finish this..." and he look at my lips. "First," I bite my lower lip, and because of what he just said.... I answered.. I breathe deeply... "Dont kiss me. No more." I said. Mother fucker, look who's lying. "YES! I told you I'll seduce you, but that doesn't mean. Y-you are allowed to be s-seduced." I tried to smirked, though I know I look so stupid right now. He smiled widely. I'm real serious about this 'seducing' thingy. I don't wanna lose on this game. "I won't ever feel something ; even if you stripped. And one more thing, if we continue this. You'll get hurt... you like me." he's so sure about it. Yeah I like you. So what? "So?" I raised my brows. "Ain't you afraid, what if I get you pregnant?" he look at my body, a stare with lust. "Ain't you afraid? Even if you'd find out I love someone else?" he added, and now very serious. I felt the chills within me. That will haunt me for sure. But I won't back out, I asked for it then I'll bare it. I won't lose. But what if? What if he really likes someone else, and hope for nothing? What will happen to me? "YOU WON'T GET ME PREGNANT! You're a virgin, no experiences!" I rolled my eyes, I chose to answer the first question than the second one. "You're a virgin too. Right?" He asked seriously, the way his eyes look at me. It's really pulling me into his own world, and fact that we kiss. God damn it! "Yes," I answered him. "See! Do you know how fucking painful is 'that'." he said emphasizing the word "that". "I know!" and now I am acting as if it's fine. Really Yesha huh? "Fuck!" he cussed. "How can a girl like you... be so open minded!" he's now looking at me; very annoy. "Oh fuck Troy! " I rolled my eyes. "I can watch porn. I can-" "Shut it! You're a girl!" he said disappointed. "You're nothing but a playgirl!" he added before turning his back. "I WONT STOP! UNTIL I GET YOU! VIRGIN!" i yelled full of frustration. He shook his head while taking a walk; leaving me here. Its hard to get him... but i'll give a damn try. He's worth a try, eh. There's no harm in trying. I'll own him, how pathetic my idea is. But i'll enjoy this, I am fool. Stupid heart, you beat too fast huh. "You're not like that," its Dani telling how she doesn't like the idea. I told her what happened me and Troy talked. "I know. Its scares me." "Its scares you, but you continue. Ain't you pity yourself? I mean Yesh! This is stupid." I nodded, agreeing. "I'll finish this. I want him down in his kness begging me to kiss him-" "Fuck it! It's you who'll beg, it's you who'll asked for his kisses. You can't fool anyone here Ayesha. You won't do something petty because of a game. I know you love him! That's it!" I'm out of words. She's right. I'm drowning, I'm falling. Yet he's just there watching. He couldn't like me back. Is there someone... he loves? Is there someone... he needs?
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