Maryam is a beautiful girl, who is married off to Aaryan, a rude man who promises to make Maryam ask for a divorce. but will love trump over his undying ego and Arrogance?
Chapter 1
2013 Nigeria , Abuja MARYAM POV Watching my mum leave wasn't a mere thing, I felt my heart shatter into million of pieces, I'm losing my one true love and my hayatee (my life) "Mum do not leave me alone!"  I cried out loud as I watched her take a step out the door. "mum please! "I  shouted as I dragged her by her hand , I pulled her back but she had a firm grip and she pulled her hands out of mine, making me fall flat on my butt. "Maryam leave her alone she cares not about you" my father said as he drags me back into the house and bangs the door hard and just then my world came crumbling down, I've lost. I'm alone. especially being the only daughter of Alhaji mairaba Usman and a twelve years old girl who has a lot to learn about being a feminine from my mother, I've truly lost . "Maryam!" my big brother Adam called as he entwined his hands with mine, we walked upstairs without sparing my dad a glance, I feel like he is responsible for my mum leaving the house, who are my kidding, he divorced her right before my eyes. "Autan mama (mothers last born)"my  eldest brother, hamis said as he walked inn, though I was the only daughter, I had three brothers who loved me a lot. "Yes" I answered as I raised a brow to glance at him, there he stood along side ridwan and Adam, my other brothers, they all had so much revenge and hatred in their eyes and there was no doubt that they hated every bit of what father had done but what could they do. They were only teenagers, ridwan is actually 14 years old, Adam is 16, while hamis is 18 but still, they dare not stand before my dad and question his decision. "Maryam do not cry please Allah is with us, and one day we'll find Ummie" hamis said and the mere mention of "Ummie" makes my heart shatter into million of pieces all over again. "yes one day "I muttered beneath my breath as I laid on my pillow, closing my eyes. 2019*** How time flies, six years ago I lost my mum but I still leave and I'm kinda happy but what can I do, I still need my mum. I stood before the mirror looking at how grown I've become, the two bump's on my chest and how my curves became larger. yes I've become a full grown woman and I've learnt how to leave my life without my mum. "Maryam" yelled my brother ridwan as he flanged the door open and made his way into my room. "What is it you want?" I asked with a straight face as I tied my hair into a messy bun and he sits on my bed looking worried. "What's wrong"? I asked as I saw how worried he was, he looked stressed and lost. he looked as if he was about to write his final year exams. "maryam dady says I should call you" he said looking down at his feet. "is that why you're looking stressed?" I asked holding onto his hand. "Maryam za daura Auren ki ne" (maryam your marriage is being finalized) he said with a sad look on his face. "With who?" I asked as a tear escaped my eyes and fell to my cheeks. "I don't know, all I know is that he is the son of Alhaji disco and I only know his name as Aaryan" he said. "I'll go see dad now" I said as I ran through the hallway leading to my dads room. though he was responsible for my mum leaving the house I still love and care about him and I respect him. He has been with me all through the moment when I needed my mum, though he wasn't as good as a mother But he filed my heart with joy at times buy it doesn't make me feel at ease, I still yern for the love of a mother. "Dady you called for me" I said as I sat before him "yes I did " he said as he adjusted his glasses . "Maryam! " he called my name with a serious face "I want to get you married to my friends son and I only called you to inform you  Because the wedding date and the event has been fixed " he said "ok, but dad you should have asked Me before setting the marriage date "I said in tears and he shouted at me and told me the reason for my marriage to the Aaryan boy and it was a good reason so all I did was to nod in affirmative telling him I'll marry Aaryan, as it is I'm almost 18 years of age. "I hope you know my reason now and I hope you're happy, trust me Aaryan is a nice boy "he said as he placed his hand on my shoulder. "Yes I'm happy " I said as I exited the room and went straight into mine where I found my two brothers excluding hamis, standing beside the door looking all worried. hamis got married last year to hassana. "Why did you accept this alliance?, do you perhaps know who you're getting married to " my eldest brother Adam asked as I told him all that took place with I and Abba. "No I don't know him, but I can't disgrace him by refusing to marry the boy. and he has left me no choice but to accept because as it is he has the date set" I said sitting on my couch. "Maryam are you sure you're happy? " my brother Adam asked and I nodded in affirmative. "If only you know how unhappy I've been over the years, right now I have nothing to loss. I'm not in love neither do I believe in love" "I'm okay don't worry" I said and he nodded before asking everyone to leave me alone leaving me and him in the room. "Maryam, I know you agreed marrying this boy because you had no choice and you've always wanted to leave this house away from the pain " he said. "Bro" ! I called him loudly making him chuckle ,"I've already agreed and there's no going back" I said and he nodded before taking his leave "how I wish I could tell you the reason for agreeing but you will not understand " I thought as I laid on my bed and laid on it ."I wonder who Aaryan is "
Chapter 2
Maryams POV "You will be seeing Aaryan today" my dad said and I nodded in Affirmative as I stood to leave his presence. "Maryam!" He called my name out loud making me stop in my pace. "Your Umma (your mum) said I should greet you" he said and I could no believe my ears, umma?. After how many years I'm finally hearing from her. "Umma, my mum?" I said whilst sobs and he nodded in tears, my Abba never cries. Maryam he called my name calmly as I walked to where he sat and sat close to him "you know I divorced your mum for a reason, I love her and I'll forever love her but with what she did I just can't overlook it" he said as he wiped away the little tears on his cheeks. "Humm" ... I sighed before speaking "dad why did you divorce her?"I asked and my dad held my hand in a loving manner just like a dad would hold his child. "Your mother wasn't fair in loving me, she got married to me even though her heart belonged to someone else"he said and I couldn't believe my ears, extramarital affairs? "Maryam are you in love with someone else as well? " my dad asked and I nodded in the negative "please do this for hamis, marry him and help your brother" my dad said and i hugged him. "I'll marry him" I said and he was about to say another thing when a call came in and my dad said it was Aaryan so I just nod while he put the phone on high speaker. "Asalamualaikum, Aaryan ykk ( how are you)" my dad said to Aaryan. "walaikumussalam, I'm fine dady and how's maryam "wait, did he just ask about me?. "she's, even here. take, speak to him" dad said passing me his phone "hello?" I sounded quizzically. "hi maryam na bab(daddies girl)" He sounded so jovial. "yes, how are you?" I asked while glancing at my dad who was smiling. "I'm okay , I'll be there to pick you by 2pm" he said and I scrunched my face. "okay I'll be waiting" I said the first thing that came to mind. "OK dear, I'll be there, bye. give dady the phone "he said. "Dad take" I said passing him the phone and he chuckled at the face I made. he spoke to Aaryan for the meanwhile, while I left to get change because its presently 1:56. "dad I'm going "I said  whilst getting up, I headed to my room where I went into the closet and picked an Abaya which was decorated with a golden Embroidery. "Ke Aaryan ya zu!"( Aaryan is here ) ridwan shouted without opening my door, so I just applied some powder and wore my wrist watch and some beads. "okay"came my response to ridwan and he shouted a hurry up, so I just slipped into my black slippers and ran downstairs, I saw a guy playing video game with Adam "probably Aaryan". "Asalamualaikum"I said with my eyes bent down to my feet and I heard the most beautiful masculine voice I had ever heard, on the phone he sounded different. "walaikumussalam" he replied and I looked up only to meet a gorgeous looking young man. He wore a white kaftan which was looking sparkly, along with his zannan bukar cap (A cap worn bu Nigerian men, mostly from the north) "Hello! Maryam, are you okay ?" he said while snapping his finger and I just blinked before answering "yeah I'm okay" I said and he chuckled "for a second there I thought you've fallen for me" he said while winking and I just mentally rolled my eyes. "ok let's go" He said opening the door but he stopped in his pace. "buddy we'll play next time and I'll emerge victorious i promise" he said to Adam and he just chuckled. "have fun" Adam yelled and I mentally rolled my eyes again "fun my foot" Both I and Aaryan walked to where his car was parked and I was about to open the door but he stopped by yelling "no I'll open it, I'm a gentle man, you know?"he said with a wink and i smiled as he opened the door for me and I sat in the car while I waited for him to sit and he did. He drove out of the golden gate of my house and here we are on the road, on our way to where I don't know, we drove in silence and he kept me wondering where he was taking me, we drove for quit a while and we arrived at a place which seemed deserted. "Where are we? " I asked out of curiosity. "trust me" he said and I actually got out of the car and followed him to wheresoever he was taking me, we walked for a while and finally we arrived at a place filled with a body of water which seemed to be a river but around it were flowers and many beautiful insects like the butterflies. "where am I?" I asked and he snubbed me while he laid a mat on the ground "how did he get this mat". "My favorite place in the whole world, except from Saudi. I love that place " he said and I just sat on the mat along with him. "Erhm..."he said while clearing  his throat "why is he making this hard for me?" "maryam" He called my name softly. "Na'am (yes)"came my response. "I'm sure you know the reason why you're getting married to me and trust me, I wasn't even aware of all this marriage of a thing until I came back to Nigeria. my dad just informed me and I dare not question his decision because I respect him, we both know that we don't love each other but I pray we'll full in love because love recognises no barrels and we'll definitely over come all" he said while winking. "if only you know how that winking of yours annoys me" "Okay , inshaAllah " I said and here comes he's smile which revealed he's side dimple which I wasn't aware of , I just found out he had a dimple but still I know I'll never fall in love , my mum left my heart broken and I'm definitely sure that no love could find its way into these stone heart of mine , over the years I talked to no one , even at school , I only associate with my siblings , you might think I'm being dramatic but I swear growing up without a mother will leave you depressed and segregated . "Maryam" Aaryan called making me jolt out of my world of thought . " Na'am "I said " hungry? " he said standing up to go get some food but I stopped him by nodding in the negative and he sat back and we talked about our likes and dislikes though he did most of the talking .
Chapter 3
Aaryan's pov Keeping this fake smile is really Waring me out, going to maryam and behaving as if I care is really unbearable. i really aren't happy about getting married, my dad pushed me into this after giving me a strict warning not to ruin this and I just couldn't say no to my mum especially regarding the situation I'm in right now. my heart belongs to lailah and only lailah, the day I heard about this marriage of a thing I felt like strangling the person whom I'm going to be married to "Aaryan don't try anything stupid  and trust me if you do I'll make you pay and you know what I'm capable of doing, make sure you impress Alhaji mairaba" my dads words kept ringing in my ears. his darn warnings!. just the sound of her name makes me angry. she's beautiful  I know , bbut I love someone else. Even telling her the word love makes me very angry. but what can I do my dads words keep  ringing into my ears, though I like her brothers but mahn I can't stand their sister, she's the reason why I lost my Lailah and I'll make sure when we're married she'll be the one to ask for a divorce not me, And she'll pay for accepting me. ***Maryams POV*** I came back a while ago and I found someone annoying but sweet in my room it was my cousin. "you're always reading on that All books of yours" Amal said grabbing my phone. "kina hauke ne (are you mad ?) " I said as I tried pulling my phone, but her grip was firm   "when will you show me that Aaryan of yours" she said placing my phone on the vanity table. "Not Aaryan of mine, please don't call him mine" I said putting my veil on the bag hanger. "Why don't you like him?.  He's clearly handsome" she said staring at her phone. "Aaryan Mahmud disco, the disco's " she said clearly placing emphasis on the word disco. "How do you know him?" I said sitting close to her whilst Grabbing her phone, I saw that she was looking at Aaryan's Instagram page. "Wait who is this girl with him?" Amal said as she saw the girl in the photo along with Aaryan. he was holding onto her hand and looking into her eyes and the photo was taken. they looked quit in love "hey maryama who be this pufpuf?(whose this fat so)" Amal said seeing the chubby girl, but she's cute. "you can ask Aaryan when you meet him" I said getting back to my book On All books. "maryam this Aaryan boy, how did he act towards you when he saw you" she asked dropping her phone on my vanity table. "He we nice and he was cool" I said as I scrolled to the next page of my book. "where the guy carry you go sef? ( where did he take you to?) typical Amal, always speaking in pidgin though she speaks English fluently. "He took me to a river side" I said with my eyes gummed on my book "Chai (shock). river, he's so boring. I even thought he would take you to cold stone or silver bird" she said and I didn't even care about the Topic. "It wasn't that ugly, it was filed with butterfly and he said it is his best place in the world" I said scrolling and scrolling. "well me I'm sure he's only marrying you because he was forced" she laid on my bed. "Duh!, I'm also not marrying him out of my own will, but he seems nice and jovial" I said dropping my phone on the matrass. "Tell me, what made you agree to marrying him" she asked farrowing his brows "don't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you" I said holding her hand and on the plus side I trust her more than anyone in this whole dunia (world) "tell me I'm all ears " she said. "OK, hamis life is at stake and Mr disco being more influential than my dad in the side of legal maters can help hamis out of this mess and my dad told me to marry Aaryan Mahmud disco in exchange for my brothers freedom and Mr disco wants our family to be one. you know my dad is influential than him when it comes to oil exchange and stuffs but when it comes to politics and legal matters, Mr disco is more influential and that's why we're in this bound" I said letting go of amals hand "wow!, You're a good big little sister "amal said hugging me and I let out the tear that has been caged in this eyes of mine. "okay when is your wedding stuff " amal asked " I'm getting married in two weeks and Aaryan and I just met today to see each other" I dropped my phone. "Toh Allah yabada sa'a (May God bless Your relationship)" amal said picking Up Her phone again. "Amin" I said walking into my closet
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