Najmah grew up with her mum all her life. She didn't know that the man she was growing up with wasn't her dad. Suddenly her real dad appears and she has no option but to follow him. Unknown to her, her marriage was being finalized with a prince, a heart broken prince who dislikes Najmah and maltreats her after marriage. But will love triumph over his hatred for her, find out by adding to your libary.
Chapter 1
Najmah's pov I walked down the stairs carefully,  taking note of each step I took. it was my eighteenth birthday and the house looked beautifully decorated with balloons and ribbons of all colors and types. "here she comes" the DJ announced immediately he saw me walking down the stairs slowly, I was dressed in her blue gown that shined beautiful it the spotlight. "you look dashing habibty " My  mother said to me immediately she stood before me. "I do, I know right. the gown fits me perfectly" I said while twirling arround happily. "where's dad?" I said while searching arround the house with my eyes. "he is on his way" my mum's tone held dishonesty. "he is not coming, is he?" my eyes held tears in it as I said. "I begged him" I added in a whisper. "habibty you'll ruin your make up" my mother said while holding unto my cheeks. "When it was usmans birthday he didn't bail on usman. but when it comes to Me, he makes excuses" I said with tears cascading down my eyes. "I feel like he's not my dad" immediately those set of words escaped my lips, My mothers eyes showed something that spelt great fear. "he is" My mother said with tears in her already red eyes. "he's not, don't want this party " I said. I turned arround and began running towards the stairs. "where are you going princess?" a voice which came from the speaker said and I stopped in my pace and turned arround.  "father?" I said turning to where the voice came from. but to my dismay he wasn't my father but an elderly looking man wearing a royal outfit. "my love, I've come for you dear" the man said and I walked slowly down the stairs with my eyes plastered on my mum whose face  looked pale. My mum looked away In other to avoid my questioning gaze That, I was certain about. "Take me away?" I questioned my mum who immediately nodded her head in the negative. "who is he?" I asked My mum once again. And she looked away and walked in rapid speed to where the man stood with the mic in his left hand. "please I'm very sorry for this inconvenience but I'll like to kindly ask you all to leave these premises please" My mother said into the mic to everyone's hearing and making me extremely confused as to what was going on.  Everyone at the party did exactly what there were told. they all left, leaving Me, My mum, and the royally dressed man all alone. "what are you doing here?" My mum said in a fit of rage. "18 years" the man simply said. "I said I'll bring her to you" My mum said and I looked at them both with confusion in My eyes. What could they mean by 18 years. "I can change my mind, can't I?" the Royally dressed man said to my mum who just frowned. "yassin I don't want you here, don't ruin this" My mum said to the elderly man whose name I just found out is yassin. "what is going on here " I said walking over to yassin. "Najmah go upstairs" My mum said pointing towards the stairs. I decided to abide by her and walk upstairs but the words that flew out of the mans mouth made me halt. "I'm your father, king yassin" he said making me turn arround to gaze directly into his eyes. I felt shocked, confused and scared. What could he mean?, what was all this?, was I right all along for believing that jibril was not my father?.
Chapter 2
Najmah's pov "I don't get you, my father?. What's going on?" I looked over at my mum who stood steal as though she knew not what was going on.  "Yes dear, I'm your dad and I'm here to take you home" king yassin said with a smile on his face.  "Shut up, she's going no where with you" My mum said to king yassin who sighed in frustration. "Jiddarh how many times do I have to tell you this?, she's my child" king yassin said referring to my mum Who Looked as though she had lost it. "Mum, what's going on here?" I said whilst removing my scarf from my head. "I'll tell you, itvseems to me that she hasn't said anything to you " The man said while staring at my mum who simply looked away. "Seventeen years ago, when you were born your mum and I got into a fight that led to a divorce and she took you away with her. I searched everywhere I could in other to find you. but it was all to no avail but on one faithful day, I saw your mum and you were with her. I went to her and I told her to give me my child which was you, but she refused. she even went ahead and filed a case against me, And she won on the agreement that when you're eighteen years you'll leave with me and I've come for that which I've been promised" He said to me, my mind was already off. I couldn't think straight at all.  "Mum, is what he is saying the truth?" I asked my mum who looked away from my questioning gaze. "Mum, tell me. I deserve answers, don't I?" I said, holding onto my Mother's shoulders. "I'm sorry habibty, I'm so sorry " My mother simply said with tears already cascading down her eyes. "So he's my dad?" I asked and she nodded. "I'm sorry" my mum said once again "I couldn't find it in me to tell you the truth" her mother said while holding onto my cold hands. "I knew it, he wasn't my dad. and he showed it, he preferred usman to me. he wasn't my dad" I said while crying bitterly. "Now you have your dad and you'll come with me" king yassin said while stretching both his hands forward towards me. "I'm not going with you, I'm staying here with my mum" I said bringing a smile to my mum's face. "Jiddarh make her understand" king yassin said. "Remember what the court had said" "My mum said. "She has a choice to make, that is she can chose between me and you" My mum said with a smile on her pale face. "And I see that you're also forgetting that the court had also said that she'll stay with me for one month. if she finds a problem with me, then she's alowed to go to you" king yassin said with no iota of emotion. "Mum what is he saying?" I turned arround and asked my mum who nodded in affirmation. "You have to go with him my dear" my mum said while holding onto my cold hands. "But I do not want to" I said. "You have to, at least after this we will be set free from this mess" My mum said slowly. Her voice full of uncertainess and great fear. "Like you said I have a choice and I have chosen you" I said while placing my hand on my mothers trembling shoulders. "But you have to go with him before you can chose me" My mother said. "Ok I'll go with him, but promise you'll come take me back home after one month" I said. "I promise" My mother said in a whisper while giving me a hug.  "But what about usman?" I asked referring to my stepfather's son. "I'll inform him that you're gone" My mother said and I nodded while staring at king yassin who simply smiled my way. "I have to pack my bags then" I said, I felt sad thay I would have to leave my mum. I feel so hurt. "There's no need for that, I'll buy you new clothes and I have no time to waste over here. I must be in zazzau by morning" king yassin said to I and my mum. "But I want the cloths which I have now" I said. "Najmah please let's go, I'm the emir and I have to be there by morning. the sun will soon rise you know?" He said and I turned Arround to stare at my mum who nodded at me to accept. "Go my dear" my mother said while wiping her tears. "I'll miss you" I said while hugging her mother who smiled at me. "Let's go princess" He said and I walked over to where he stood. "Let's go" king yassin said to the guards who quickly walked to the entrance and opened the door us to walk through. I hope my decision is the right one, I hope I am not doing something wrong by accepting His demands. I feel so scared. What if I chose him, what if I am not allowed to go back to my mum. I hope I am making the right decision. 2:09AM "The road is quit bumpy" i could hear him speak but I decided to throw a deaf ear at him, I didn't want to talk. "Najmah I'm talking to you" He said again and I turned over to him. And said "yeah its bumpy" I simply said with my eyes staring outside the window. "you know you have many sisters and brothers" he said and I turned to face him with a smile. Oh how I have always wanted to have a sister. "wow, I do? I have  always wanted a sister" I said happily. "Well you have many sisters. there's Afnan , Nazhia, Husna and Hussaina" He said making me mutter a wow. "How many brothers do I have?" I asked making a chuckle out of his mouth. "You have four brothers, mustapha, mujaheed, Muhammad Noor and Mudasir. those are their names" king yassin said. "Wow I_" I was about to say when a loud voice startled me. "We've Arrived, your Majestys" the Driver said curtly. My fathee sat steal in his position while waiting for a palace guard to open the door. As soon as our doors were open, I set my feet on the great land of ZauZau.
Chapter 3
Najmah's pov My father walked slowly into the palace with me by his side. The strong scent of incense was the first to welcome me into the palace. Ah! I loved that scent. "Call me one of the maids" My father said to one of the palace guards who nodded curtly and walked away. leaving My father and I alone in the middle of the palace. The palace looked beautiful, it was decorated with Ancient Artifacts that made it looked like a classic museum, it was beautiful. "This is your home now my dear, feel free" My father said to me and I returned it with a beautiful smile. "Asalamualaikum sarki (peace be unto you my king)" A palace maid came in with her head bowed down curtly. "Walaikisalam (peace be unto you too)" he muttered beneath his breath. "She's going to be your personal maid. She'll take you to your room dear" My father said and I gave him a slight nod. "Take her to the room which was renovated two days ago" My father said to the maid who nodded and walked towards me with a smile. "Follow her" he said to me and I immediately did as told. ***** "This is your room. gimbiya (princess)" The maid said as we both walked into a very big room which looked ten times bigger than her other room. It was marvelous, its smelled of incense which made me feel at home. No wonder my mother loved incense so much. I thought with my mouth opened which made the maid bringing me out of my trance. "Gimbiya (princess) if there's anything you want please just push the button over there" The maid said pointing towards a blue button which was mounted on the wall. "Ok thank you. And my name is a Najmah not gimbiya, so please call me by my name next time" I said innocently to the maid who smiled at me with a nod. The maid looked same age as me, she was beautiful and looked elegantly dressed in her maids uniform. "May I leave?" the maid said curtly with her head bowed down "Yes but before you leave, what's your name?" I asked with a smile playing on my face. "I'm Anisa"  The maid said. "Nice name dear and thank you. I'll call you when I need you, but right now I need to sleep. I only have two hours to rest" I said while picking my phone from the pocket in my blue gown. "Ok I'll leave you now, princess" Anisa said walking towards the door which she pushed open and walked out. "Wow this is a very big room" I thought out loud as I  opened the closet door. The closet already had cloths in it but not the Type that I  loved, they were either Atampa or Abayas. though it had little foreign cloths which I was used to. I walked into the toilet and took my bath immediately. when I was done I came out and wore a pyjama, which she I am certain belongs to me for All the cloth in here looked my seize. with that I went straight to bed with the hope that tomorrow would be good. Next morning 10:00AM I was deep into my slumber when a hard knock came on the wooden door. I got up immediately thinking it would be my mother for I had forgotten that I was at the royal palace. "Mum one minute" I yelled at the top of my voice to the hearing of the one who was at the door. "Your majesty it is I,  Anisa" Anisa said and I got up in a swift. I was now fully awake. she ran towards the door and opened it immediately. "Anisa come inn" I  said dragging Anisa inn. "Uhm.. her Majesty sarauniya (Queen)  demands your presence in her chamber" Anisa said in one breath. "Whose that?" I asked while scratching the my neck. "Sarauniya is his Majesties mother. the Queen mother" Anisa said with her head bowed down. "My grandma?" I asked. I've always wanted a grandma. "I have a grandmother" najmah said happily with enthusiasm in her tiny voice . "Yes and, she wants you in her chamber" Anisa said almost in a chuckle at seeing how happy I looked. "OK then, I'll quickly take a shower. wait here I'll be out in some minutes" I said while walking into the the closet where the toilet door is. "Princess Najmah, the king said I should tell you that all the cloth in there are all yours" Anisa said smiling at me and I nodded and walked inn. After some minute of bathing, I came out and decided on wearing a gown which Was hung in my closet. I came out and found Anisa still standing at the position which I had left her. Can't she seat?, What a funny girl. "Are we good to go?" I asked Anisa who looked at me in Amusement . "What is it?, Am I that ugly" I said jokingly to Anisa who chuckled. "No gimbiya, I was actually amused as to how beautiful you are" Anisa complimented making me smile. "Thank you, and I think we should go to the sarauniya now, right?" I said in other to remind Anisa of where we'll be going in case she had forgotten. " sorry gimbiya, I was_"Anisa tried speaking but was interrupted by a loud knock on the door. "Najmah!" Came a voice of an elderly woman. "Its sarauniya" Anisa said in a tensed voice making me a bit nervous, Anisa walked in rapid speed and immediately opened the door just to meet face to face with the beautiful Queen who stood in all glory wearing and Alkayba (Royal Garment). "I'm sorry sarauniya, it was my fault" Anisa said while kneeling in front of the sarauniya who angrily walked pass Anisa and came towards me with a now smiling face. "Since you decided not to come, I came to you" she said to me. "Sorry" I simply said. "Its not your fault my dear, it was that maids fault" she said referring to Anisa who remained on the floor. "And you, what are you still doing here?" The Queen said rudely to Anisa who quickly got up and left. "You know, I hate ignorant people" The Queen said to me and I just did a O form with my lips. "My dear, your dad told me about your arrival this morning" The Queen said as she sat on the bed. "How's Jiddarh?" She asked referring to my mum and that left me in surprise, how could they still care about my mum. "Your facial look, it hasn't changed a bit" The Queen beamed as she placed her warm hands on my face. her hand smelt of incense, it felt as if the incense itself was placed on my face. "Mum is fine"  I managed to say. "Have you met with your siblings yet?" She asked. "No I haven't, I just woke up" I simply said. "Can you speak Hausa?" She inquired. "Yes I can speak" I said. "That's quit good" she said with a beautiful smile playing on her face.
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