You Are Mine
Read about Arham and Mahira. Arham is a politician whose only aim in life is to become CM and to reach his aim he has to marry Mahira.
Chapter 1
You Are Mine
A big mansion is shown, a old man is sitting on the chair and said to his Grandson:” Arham , you have to work very hard , few month later as elections are coming in few months . I want you to win at any cost “. Arham Khan nodded listening to his Grandfather and assure him:” Dadu ( Grandfather ) , don’t worry . I will look after everything. I will win this election and fulfill your dream to see me as Chief Minister “. His Grandfather gets up and patted on his back and left the room. Arham stand there for few second when he collided with some one , he look at the person it was Noor , his cousin and fiancée . Arham look at her and asked : “ Where are you going in hurry ?”, Noor smile and said :” I am going to college , I am getting late . Okay bye “. Then she left for her college while Arham left to do his work. Arham Khan is smart , hot and handsome man . He is nice with his family but little cold for outside people . His family belong to a political background. He helped his Grandfather , father and chachu ( Father’s brother ) , but this time he is going to stand for election as CM candidate . It was his dream to become CM . He is engaged to his father’s brother daughter Noor who is also his child hood best friend . At night, everyone is present in the dining hall and having dinner when Arham’s grandfather cleared his throat and said:” Tomorrow we all are going to our Gardner’s son wedding. We all have to go there, so be ready at 9 in the night “. “But why Dadu , I don’t want to go at that low class wedding “: It was Noor , who objected . She is very proud of herself of being born in rich family and hate poor and low class people. His Grandfather took a deep breath and said dominating voice :” Noor , you know elections are coming . These people are our vote bank and if we go to wedding of the people who works under us it will help Arham to win , moreover we get media attention . It will be very helpful for Arham . Don’t worry we will come back fast , just click few picture and we will be back “. Noor nodded half heartedly , still she does not want to go to the wedding but she does not any option as she can’t refused her Grand father and second she can do anything for Arham to win the election . In the evening , Arham is reading the file when Noor entered the room and said :” Arham , I have seen all my wardrobe but could not find a good dress to wear in the wedding , please let’s go for the shopping “. Arham raised his head and said looking at Noor :” Noor , this is important report . I have to submit this file before tomorrow. Please ask your mother or any friend “. Noor pouted and start requesting him and finally he gave up . They are in the mall, there is no one in the mall except them due to security reason, when Noor received a call from her friend . Her friends come near them , Noor hug her and said looking at Arham :” Arham , he is my friend Sarah . She come to help me as I am not able to decide the dress alone “. Arham nod with cold face then Noor and Sarah did shopping and select dress for Noor . They are in the car , Arham is looking angry . Noor look at him and asked looking at his cold expression :” Arham , are you angry with me ?”. Arham sighed and took a deep breath and said without looking at her:” Noor, if you call your friend there then why you need to disturb me , you know how busy I am “. Noor hold his hand which on gayer and said sweetly:” O! Arham , I just want to show off that my would be husband is going to be CM and how much power he hold , and he roam after me even after being so much busy “. Arham sighed and said :” Noor , this is not the thing to show off “. Noor hold her ear and said :” I am sorry , I will take care of this . please smile , please , please ….”, he finally give in and smile at her . She also smile looking at him . After sometime , Arham said :” Dadu ( Grand father ), asked me when I am ready for the marriage . I said , I will inform after talking to you , so what is your opinion “. Noor made a face and said :” I have told so many times, I will marry you once you become CM, I want to marry CM Arham Khan , think how much all my friends feel jealous seeing me like this . Okay , tell him that you are busy and you will marry me once you will become CM”. Arham sighed and asked her :” What if , I will not become CM then you will refuse to marry me “, Noor starlet with his sudden question but she composed herself and said with a smile :” I am sure you will become a CM and don’t think negative. I am sure , you will definitely become CM “, he smile seeing her determination . After sometime , they reached the mansion , Noor come out of the car and rushed to her mother room while Arham keep looking at her retreating back then parked the car and enter inside the house .
Chapter 2
You Are Mine
At the wedding , the wedding hall is small and there are so many people there . When Khan family entered the venue, all attention shifted on them . Media is there , they are clicking their picture . Khan’s family servant whose son wedding they come to attend welcomed them. Gardner’s son Ali is going to marry his cousin Mahira whom he liked since childhood. Ali drop his school and work as driver , other side , Mahira is educated girl who finished her college with great difficulty . She is elder sibling , she has two younger sibling one brother and one sister. Her father is drunkard and greedy man who worked as security man in government firm while her mother is homemaker. Mahira does not want to marry Ali as she does not like him from child hood as he was illiterate , and always stare her which make her uncomfortable , because of her father she has to marry him . Ali’s family live in out house of Khan’s villa as Ali work as driver , his father as gardner while his mother as cook . Noor and Arham are standing near the stall when Noor complained :” O God , Arham . When will we leave , it’s so hot there . They don’t have AC and there are so many people there , I can’t even breath “. Arham sighed and said :” Wait, I will talk to Dadu “, he is going toward his Grandfather when he bumped with waiter and juice split on his clothes . Before he could speak , Noor shouted at the waiter :” Can’t you see properly . You know how costly this dress is , you will pay for this “. Arham look at waiter who is standing folding the hand and saying sorry , he is shivering due to fear after all he split juice on CM , looking at his condition Arham interrupted Noor and said :” Noor, it’s alright . I will clean it , no need to make it big matter “, then he turned toward waiter and asked :” Where is washroom “, waiter pointed to upstairs and left hurriedly . Arham excused himself and left toward the washroom . Fawad is looking here and there to search for the washroom, when he entered one room . There is no one in the room , so he start walk inside the room he is going to open the washroom door when it opened before he touched , and get to shocked to see the girl in bridal attire . He get mesmerized seeing her first then he come out of his zone listening to her screaming :” Who are you ? What are you doing here ?”. Then Arham realized he entered into bride room by mistake, he look at her who is going to scream for help. To avoid an unnecessary media attention, he put his palm on her mouth to protect her from screaming, they are looking into each other eyes deeply , then they realized what they are doing . It was Arham who break the silence and speak :” Listen, I came here by mistake . I want to clean my clothes juice split by waiter . He said the washroom is upstairs so , I just saw this room and entered without thinking much . I am sorry , I don’t know it was bride ‘s room . I am going to remove my hand , you are not going to scream , okay ! “. Mahira nodded , Arham remove his hand and sighed in relief . Then he again apologized to her and said :” I am going out and I am sorry “, Mahira nodded . Arham is walking toward the door while Mahira is walking behind him to closed door . When Arham is going toward the door he hit with something and in the process he fall on the Mahira and they both fall on the bed . Mahira is on the bed while Arham is over her , they are shocked with sudden turned of event . Arham is going to get up when his chain stuck with Mahira necklace, they are trying to untangle the chain when they heard the scream . They turned toward the source and shocked to see Ali’s mother standing there with shocked expression , before they could explain she ran away screaming ‘ Ali’ name . Arham in anger break the chain , the chain has his engagement ring attached with it . The ring fell and slide under the bed but he does not care as there are many more things to handle . He hurriedly get up and before he could do something, media and their family come . Media started taking pictures, Arham’s dad handle the media and finally they leave . Now , only Ali’s family , Arham’s family and Mahira’s family are there . Mahira is crying while her mother and sibling are consoling her . Ali’s mother started her drama , she never liked Mahira . It was Ali stubbornness that’s why she agreed otherwise she will never accept Mahira as her daughter in law . Ali’s mother started crying said looking at Ali :” I have told you , see yourself . This girl is characterless but you never agreed , now you see yourself . Here on her wedding day , she is with other man .. shame “. Arham interrupt her and said :” Stop your drama , nothing happened between us . We fall by mistake “. Ali said looking at Mahira angrily :” I never thoughts you can do something like this , I always thought you are nice girl with high morals but “. Mahira walked toward him and said :” Ali , believe me . You are thinking wrong there is nothing between us . I am not like this , I can never do something like this , you know me “. Ali cut her off and said :” No , I don’t know . I can’t believe you can do something like this , I mean you can sleep with some other man seeing him money and status , tell me how many man you slept before “. Before he can speak a slap landed on his face by Mahira .
Chapter 3
You Are Mine
Before he can speak more a slap landed on his face by Mahira , he look at her angrily . She look at him angrily , she removed her engagement ring and threw it on his face and said angrily :” Mr Ali , I am breaking this engagement . I can’t marry a man who can’t save her would be reputation and could stand for her . If you don’t have trust on me then it would be better we will break this marriage , because I can’t marry man like you . I and my god knows that I did not do anything wrong so , I don’t need to proof anything to anyone “. Ali ‘s mother make face and said:” We are also not interested to make girl like you daughter in law of our family “. Mahira turned her face toward other side and said:” Door is that side , now leave “. Ali and his family left with anger. There was a big silent in the room which was broken by Mahira’ s father , he started crying loudly :” My daughter life get spoiled , now who will marry my daughter . In few hours , this news that my daughter was with Arham Sahab ( sir ) , will be telecasted and nobody will accept my daughter . Who will marry her , now she will not able to show her face in front of the world “, and fall on the floor and start cry loudly . Arham’s grandfather voice boomed in the room:” Stop ! I will find out some way to solve this problem till now don’t over react or create any drama “. Then he asked his family to follow him as he wanted to discuss something. Arham’s father said in tense voice :” Now , what will we do Abbu . This matter will be used by our opponent to defeat Arham in upcoming election . The news that one girl marriage has broken due to Arham will have negative impact on him and his career . What will do now “. Arham’s grandfather think for a while and spoke :” There is only one way to solve this problem “. He took pregnant pause while everyone waited for him to continue, they are curious to know the way to solve this big issue . Arham’s grandfather continue:” I want Arham to get married to that security guard daughter “, it shocked everyone including Arham . “ Dadu ( Grandfather ) , what are you saying . How can you think like this, how can I marry that girl . You know I am engaged to Noor moreover I can’t marry the girl like her . I mean she is daughter of security guard and illiterate , I can not marry her “: It was Arham who spoke coming out of the shock . Arham grandfather sighed and took a deep breath , he said looking at his grand son :” Arham , try to understand the situation . We have to act according to the situation, you are upcoming CM , you have to take the decision according to the situation . You have to think practical, you can’t be emotional. I can’t let your hard work to go in vain, just because of that girl . Arham , you did so many things to become CM . You can’t let this scam to decrease the chances of your chance of winning. And don’t worry , you don’t have to stay married to her whole your life “. Arham asked in confusion :” What are you saying Dadu ( grand father ) , to which his grand father replied :” Arham, listen you can see the girl ‘s father look greedy . We will offer him a contract, according to the contract, that you will divorce the girl after one year till then election will be over. We will give him huge money if he agree with the deal . I know he will agree with the deal . In fact this deal will be beneficial for you, it will help to gain people ‘s praise . The fact that you marry a low class girl just to save her reputation , increase your chances to win “. Arham interrupt his grand father :” But , how can I “. “ Arham , I think grand father is right , there is no harm in this deal “: It was Noor who spoke making Arham shock . He turned toward her and asked her shockingly :” Noor , you know what are you saying “. “ Yes , I know Arham what am I saying . Dadu is right we can’t let these things destroy your dream to become CM, our dream to see you as Cm. It was not only your dream but our dream “: Noor said walking toward him . Arham asked looking into her eyes :” What about you , can you see me with her ? You are able to see my name attached to her ? Can you see her as Mrs Arham Khan ? Can you see her in your position ?”. Noor lower her head , she controlled her tears and said looking at him :” Arham , I know it was difficult for me to see her as your wife but Arham we have to do this . We have to do this for our family happiness and dream . You know it was my dream to see as CM , and I am ready to give any sacrifice . And it’s about one year and after that we will be together . Morever I know , you will never accept her as your wife . Please, let’s do this please “. Arham run his finger in his hair frustratingly , he sighed and took a deep breath :” I am ready for this marriage “.
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